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fibonacciI gazed upon his face and my whole life changed.

I feel love/life/loose/lust.

I want to have him, feed him, marry him, kiss him, sit on his face and bear his children.

I covet his handsomeness.

This spirit of Annie Wilkes has overcome me; keep him locked away in a room that only I know and only I have the key…

I must have him he must be mine.

It wasn’t the words he said or majesty of his frame.

It wasn’t the car he drove or the deepness of his pockets.

It was the eyes.

Eyes deep and brown they seemed to go on forever.

Beautiful and complex like a fibonacci sequence.

While staring into them he. touched. my. soul.

And there it was.

Everything I thought I knew, everything I wish I was, everything I ever felt…

rested in him.


I don’t want to fight for your love

I don’t want to battle hearts and minds,

Cuz if you want me, then I’m your’s

And if you’re mine, then you’re mine.

So can we touch and agree that

forever you will stay with me?

No questions and no doubts

just sign your name on this treaty.

Let our love stay chattel free

we’re both here of our own will.

We can build upon this partnership

in love according to how we feel.

Our bond is stronger than covalent,

no weapon formed can break us down.

And the irony of our strength is

only in each other is weakness found.

love strong

We’re playing this game of tag, but I don’t want to be chased.

Playground games are not for me.

I want to be chose.

By you, for you.

No more running.

Let me stand at your side: support, comfort, love and protect.

The sun is setting, the street lights are on, and my mama is calling me.

Playtime is over.

The choice is yours.


There has been no death

still yet we part.

Promises we made.

You broke.





and trust died.

Farewell, my love, you will always be;

but you did not

and I cannot

so I



Not sure if I ever said “stop”, but I know that I didn’t consent.
To think that he thought this was okay, that somehow I’d relent.
I rebuffed his constant advances but he saw my flagging resistance.
And it only took a few more drinks to cash in on his persistence.
Left abandoned and alone with a strange man I barely knew.
Forever changed the way I felt about Law & Order SVU.
I kicked, I screamed,  I cried, I bit and fought back as hard as I could.
I ran barefoot for blocks in the dark of a strange neighborhood.
The pain, the shame, the guilt, the rage; they never go away.
I “knew” my attacker but it makes no difference, cute rape is still not okay.

Happy and nappy

It curls, swirls and amazes

My hair has you sprung

natural hair haiku

I don’t need a man I’m completely happy alone

Sees love on my timeline and sends attack drone.

No Messages

chocolate diamond

I had an intimate affair with a diamond-tipped dick

It was beautiful, smooth, and the girdle was thick

I was sprung off the jump

He had me at first pump

The encounter we had was anything but quick

Diamonds From Sierra Leone x Kanye West 

So Gone (What My Mind Says) x Jill Scott ft. Paul Wall

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