Every morning when I wake up and several times throughout the day I have to actively address my outlook. I wear a happy mask most of the time,  but that doesn’t accurately describe the way I feel. As of late I feel terrible. You should read the messages I send to my BFF. It is sometimes a minute by minute struggle for me to maintain a positive attitude.  This isn’t about denying your struggles and stressors in life,  but choosing not to constantly dwell on them. To look at a situation and say this can really go either way but I’m not going to focus on what to do if it goes wrong. I am going to enjoy the moment I am in now and let go of the worry. 
Here are today’s tips on staying positive:
1. A good bitch session. Get it out,  all of it. Every hurt feeling,  spirit of doubt,  hostile emotion. Get them out and let them go.
2. Count your blessings. It may seem cliche but it really works. Think of all the things that are going right and be thankful for them.
3. Do something good for someone else. I get an amazing feeling when I am able to help someone in need. It can be as simple as paying for coffee for the person behind you in line.
4. Mute yourself. I cannot interact with my stressors every day,  I am not a super hero. It is okay to say “No,  I’m not dealing with this today.”
5. Exercise. Exercise really is the most underutilized antidepressant. Take a long walk during your lunch break. Or go for a jog after work. The physical activity is good for the body and it helps clear the mind.