Yesterday I was on my way out the door traveling to Nashville to witness the nuptials of my friend Holleh when I received devastating news: my boyfriend broke up with me. To say I was caught off guard is an understatement. I couldn’t believe the words. After dealing with my upset stomach, I drove 175 miles in silence trying hard not to think about anything.

The wedding was beautiful. So much love and joy and excitement. I sat there surrounded by friends all brought together to support this glorious union and it just felt like I wrapped in love.

I won’t go into the details of our relationship or breakup but he didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t treat me poorly or betray me. He’s actually the first relationship that didn’t end in fire and brimstone. And while my heart hurts, it feels like an elephant has his foot on my chest, I am surprisingly okay.  The wedding for me wasn’t a distraction from my pain but a bit of healing and a reminder of what I want for myself.

What’s next for me?  I have no idea but I am confident that my time will come. Better not bitter.