Fitness for most people is truly a weighty issue. We all have our own issues for some its food,  for others it is health related or even physical ailments. Although diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and strokes run in my family I show no signs of any of them.

Still I want to be healthier. I want to be able to run without my lungs feeling as if the are going to combust despite my asthma. I want my arms not to maintain a rhythmic wiggle when I throw my hands in the air and wave them like I just don’t care. I want my thighs to politely brush instead of making out with every stride. I want to see my vag without having to look in a mirror. Also I would like my ass to sit up and my boobs not to shrink. These are my realistic ass goals. Whatever dress size,  weight,  or BMI associated with this is okay with me.

I am a fat adult,  but I wasn’t a fat kid. I have always had thick thighs which I loved,   an ample bosom and I used to have a really nice ass. I was athletic growing up I played baseball and softball,  basketball,  football,  I also danced professionally and was a cheerleader in high school.

I had my daughter as a teen and my body had amazing bounce back,  I remember stepping on the scale the day after delivering and being back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But things weren’t quite the same when I had my son a decade later. I struggled for months to ditch my pregnancy weight and things were going well until I stopped breastfeeding. I worked with a personal trainer and a nutritionist and still I was fat. After a year I quit trying at all because I didn’t need professional help to be fat I could do that on my own.

And so for years I alternated putting effort behind working out and losing weight,  sometimes seeing success but often just maintaining. I was okay with that as long as I wasn’t getting fatter. I never hated my body but there were improvements I wanted to see.


Here is where the change happened for me. My good friend LaManda joined Louisville FitCamp and started working out three times a week. FitCamp is free and encourages the use of Herbalife products. LaManda would post pictures from time to time of her workouts and I was happy for her,  but not interested in committing myself. And then one day we hung out and I realized I was her “fat friend”.  LaManda wasn’t fat before,  chubby would probably be a fair description, but all of the sudden she was slimming down and I felt fat as hell next to her this wasn’t cool. So I asked her what she was doing and I decided to try it myself.

That was over 12 weeks ago. I started with a 4-week commitment which includes waking up at 5:30 am three times a week and getting my butt kicked by the nicest, perkiest trainer you will ever meet. Since beginning FitCamp I have lost just over a pound a week,  I have more energy and I no longer struggle with sleeping through the night. I have actually became a morning person and my stress levels have decreased.

I have finally found a program that I like,  that works with my schedule and best of all I am seeing results. I have made new FitFriends and we support each other throughout our fitness journeys. I encourage any one out there who is looking to make a change to just get started.  There are so many resources available from traditional gyms,  Herbalife FitCamp, instructional DVDs,  YouTube workouts and running trails in local parks. As my girl Mandy said “You can be sore, or you can be sorry.” Don’t be sorry.